Thursday, January 29, 2009

The "Buck" story

Question: What close call has made you think of Divine Providence?
For whatever reason the "Buck" story popped in my mind. This was a lesson in obedience or .... disobedience. Anyway, I was living in Walla Walla with Cindy and the girls and was totally homesick. I had the question pop into my mind "Am I taking advantage of this car?" you know the one that the Lord blessed me with... that's another meme. I ignored the Lord's prompting to stay in town. I packed before my shift at Subway so I could be driving in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere for my own emotional satisfaction. I closed up between 1-2am and made sure I was caffeinated w/a Starbucks frappicino (of course). I listened to contemporary Christian radio until it started to fade and then just drove. I liked the curves of the back roads but got antsy for a country station near a small part of the drive that creeped me out for awhile. Split second to turn the stations I glance down then up and out of the corner of my eye I see a shape the size of a quarter then about the size of a large manila envelope and then right in front of me I see a huge buck taller than my car and I'm thinking why isn't my life flashin b4 me like in the movies. then my next thought-"Lord, why'd you save me just to let me die, my family's not even saved yet" I was nervous about praying out loud to the Lord unless it was a rehearsed prayer and started to talk to Him right on the spot. I was shocked that my car was still moving and I wasn't injured or dead. I prayed that He'd keep me safe and let my car make it all the way to Spokane. Then realizing how bad things were that I'd make it to Pullman so I could call someone I knew in Spokane and then after strange feelings in the shadow of the hills on the highway unlit by the moon w/ only one headlight working I prayed that He'd let me make it to civilization. I was a woman alone on a Sat. night in the middle of practically nowhere and had just gone through a date rape about a year prior. Some unreasonable fear, some reasonable. My small silver Ford Escort made it 34 miles (I kept track of mile-markers) past where the deer impacted my small car. As my car coasted downhill towards the blue bridge that crosses the snake river I decided to let it coast to a stop on the shoulder. I thought I would lock my doors get the pillow and blanket from the trunk and hope for the best in the morning. I only freaked out a little when I heard coyotes but I was able to sleep for about 4 hrs. I knew it was early so I worked on a Bible study and then decided around 6 am I'd see if anyone was close by and if I could use their phone (no cell). I pulled off the road the night before wondering if the large tree grove with the sole street lamp was just another road, or an abandoned or closed siloh, or if there was a house. I walked slowly down the small road and saw the well kept white fenced areas and thought I hope nobody crazy lives here. I then saw a well maintained house and was slightly more relieved and greatly relieved as I walked up to the porch I saw a cross in the window. I was only interested in making a call and waiting back in my car. A sweet lady answered her door and said I'd just caught her and her husband just in time as they were headed to an 8 o clock church service. After hanging up with Cindy the lady asked my name and the name of the person I'd called again. Apparently that was her and her daughter's names. The Lord truly does have a good sense of humor [ just not the mocking kind-why would laughter be good medicine if He didn't ;) ]. So anyway, she was sooo hospitable. She offered to let me stay until my ride came and offered to let me watch TV or read magazines and of course use the restroom. I let her know I just needed the phone but was soooo grateful that even though God told me not to go (the whole premonition thing) He made a way anyway. Oh and after having a mechanic look at the car it was determined undrivable after the impact! oh yeah did I mention the most amazing part is that the car made it uphill for several miles! Talk about Divine Providence!! Have a great week!

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